Traditional Thai massage is a massage that consists of acupressure work along the energy lines of the body, combined with a series of manipulations and stretches.

It is a massage different from other oil massages, sports massages, in which kneading of the skin and body is performed. Contrary to certain popular beliefs, it is not a sexual massage in any sense.

In the Thai massage, the person receiving it is dressed in comfortable and flexible clothing. It takes place on a very comfortable futon on the floor. It is a massage that anyone, of any age and state of health, can receive: the massage will be adapted to each situation (my mother, who is 77 years old, loves it).

Inner Thai Massage

En la sesión se trabaja todo el cuerpo: desde los pies hasta la cabeza, pasando por el vientre, las manos, pecho, brazos, espalda, cara…
  • Sesión de 1h

Deep Thai Massage

En esta sesión se realiza también un trabajo global de todo el cuerpo, haciendo un trabajo más lento y profundo. Existe la posibilidad de incluir el masaje abdominal en esta sesión.
  • Sesión de 1h 30m

Benefits of Thai massage

We can talk about three levels on which Thai massage acts: physical level, energetic level and emotional level:

  • On a physical level, a continuous relaxation/activation process is generated (with a deeply relaxing effect at the end), relaxation, mobilization, release.
  • On the energetic level, the work on the lines (called Sen in Thai) and certain pressure points (marma in the Ayurvedic tradition), work on the energy flow of the body in the same way as acupuncture or Shiatsu, but it does in its entirety.
  • On an emotional level, the experience of Thai massage itself is an exercise in abandonment, in letting go, in lowering barriers. In particular, the work on the belly is, from my point of view, the highest point of connection between the masseuse and the patient. Emotions move in Thai massage, always at levels that the patient can sustain.
  • I travel within San Juan, El Campello, Mutxamel, Playa de San Juan, San Vicente, Arenales with an additional cost of €10 for the trip
  • The session can take place in Spanish, English, French or Valencian.